Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Surface Computing WoW

Microsoft today announced a new segment of computers called surface .This is not yet another incremental windows platform devices like Tablet PC or SPOT .This truly I think is great new product concept with cool technology in built into it .Yes in my world it is many times cooler than iPhone the reason I compared to iphone is simple because nowadays any product launched are compared with iphone for coolness. I would say just go to this link and spend some time to go through the Surface experience videos.
Surface is basically today a 30” table top computer with multi touch and real objects detection capabilities. These 2 new deadly features enable a new era of computer interactivity and usage. The cost of surface which is available from late 2007 is nearly 10000 dollars. there are couple of companies like T-Mobile who are partners .So initially this would be exclusive devices similar way to Plasma or big LCD displays used to be 5 years back ,seen only in trade fairs or Five star hotels .With time I am sure it would creep into living rooms. I have feeling this might be the next big thing in terms of financial impact to MS results and might even turn out to be the true replacement for windows as cash generating machine.
Let’s see time will tell whether this is truly next big thing from MS or just yet another attempt from Redmond giant which failed to make a mark in real life like tablet PC .My gut feeling is that it might be next big thing.

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